Saturday, 17 July 2010

Music Video Intro - What We Learnt

As with all groups, the one minute music video we created was practice for our full music video, which we will create next term.

This practice was very beneficial. We learnt a lot on both the editing and filming side, as well as coming up with ideas which can be built upon for the full music video. The ideas we had for the one minute video, which due to a lack of time could not be put in, can and will be used for our full music video when we create it.

Looking back at our video, the thing that stands out the most is the number of fades. They somewhat mask what is otherwise a very well-edited (edited by Tom Phipps) piece. In the future, problems like this can be avoided by having a much clearer plan before we begin filming, which will in turn make the editing much easier as we will have the clips we need when it comes to the editing. Storyboards are also important, as they will make it much clearer what we need to do when we have the camera in our hands.

In fairness to our efforts for this piece, we would have planned in much more detail had we had the time. We only had an hour to shoot our music video, which meant it looked slightly more rugged than we had hoped due to us not having the time to perfect the shots. We also only had two lessons to edit the video, which again made it slightly more rushed. However, we knew that this project was a quick one and in hindsight should probably have planned what to do with our time slightly better - a lesson which we can take with us to the final music video, which we will have much more time to create.

The thing that I am most satisfied with about our music video is the potential it has. The ingredients it has are, in my opinion, very good. And while it may seem a bit rough-round-the-edges, it had the potential to be very very good. I have every faith that our final video will realise the potential, now we have learnt from minor mistakes with the one minute version. The ideas which were cut due to a lack of time (Tom Phipps and Emile Cole air drumming/guitaring etc.) will not have to be cut from the final vide.

Essentially, the one minute video was an interesting learning curve which was nothing but beneficial for our group. Any mistakes we made were minor and easily avoidable for next time and the ideas we came up with could be made into a very, very good music video when we have the time to utilise them in our full music video.

Friday, 2 July 2010

What We Are Doing Today

Today marks something of a transitional stage for our group. Instead of doing any editing or filming, we are today making storyboards for our upcoming music video one minute extract. Aside from that, we may scout some potential locations to film the video at.

We will later update this post with pictures of our storyboard. If we take them, we will also include shots we take from our location scouting.


Here are the photos from our location scouting. Emile Cole and Michael "Minty" Kendall went out to look for places where we could record. This is what we came up with on first viewing.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Music Video - Pitch

The song that our group wishes to make a one minute video extract from is "Bangles - Eternal Flame".

We thought that Patrick "Ned" Cleary and Michael "Minty" Kendall should do a duet version of the song. Both lip syncing certain parts of the extract, before singing the chorus together. Like traditional musicals, where both main characters sing together, the chorus will have a semi-transparent Patrick appearing over Minty, both looking towards the centre of the screen - as if they are looking at each other - when in fact they are in completely different rooms/areas. The same effect can be seen in the musical 'Grease'. The example I am thinking of is at 2:57 in the following video:

So as to stay true to traditional duets, we need a female character. Patrick will appear in a blonde wig, looking as attractive as possible.

A diversifying environment is important to show that the two characters, previously so much in love, are now apart/separate. Due to this, and due to the limited number of environments Long Road can provide, the most obvious way to provide this is to have Minty down the end of the field and Patrick indoors/in a classroom.

Editing-wise, there would be many cross-fades as they are a common theme of love songs between a male and a female. The shot with Patrick overlayed semi-transparent and looking towards Minty will be right at the end of both the video and the song, as this is traditional (see the video above).

The characters' wardrobes are as follows:

Patrick (female):

  • Long, blonde wig
  • Relatively feminine clothing
  • Colourful clothes
  • Ring/jewelry
Minty (male:)

  • Leather jacket
  • Subtly gelled hair
  • Black t-shirt/jeans
  • Stubble
Having gone through the song, we feel that we will make the video extract from 0:38 - 1:38. Having listened tot he song at this time point on many occasions, we have many ideas of what to do.

Furthermore, Tom and Emile will be an air band; Tom playing the drums and Emile playing the guitar. When the 'ting' of the triangle comes in, the video will turn to stop motion and we will see Tom 'tinging' the triangle.
At the end, there is an instrumental solo, which features Tom playing air drums and Emile playing air guitar emotionally, the camera will start zoomed in on Emile, establishing his emotions, with eyes shut, the it slowly zooms out to establish Tom playing drums emotionally, then catches Minty and Patrick embracing tearfully, then fades out.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Analysing a Music Video

(Analysis based on Andrew Goodwin's questions)

1. Music video's demonstrate genre characteristcs (eg: stage performance in metal video, dance routine for boy/girl band)


First off, we would like to start by depicting that this song would go under the Modern Reggae genre.
Genre characteristics can be found in this song as scenes, for example, the whole thing is set on a Beach, on a sunny day. which most carribean reggae songs would contain. Also, the singer, seated, playing an acoustic guitar, which may not be found in classic reggae, but would count as being a part of the Modern reggae era.

2. There is a relationship between Lyrics and Visuals.

Indeed. for example, the song is about becoming a 'Billionaire', and the visuals depict throughout the song, the singers Giving pricey items away, like Cars...

3. There is a relationship between the Music and Visuals.

Evidence can be found here between the length of the song, and the time of day. (The song starts at Sunrise, and ends at Sunset). Also, as the song evolved, so did the visuals. at the start it was just one man on his guitar, then as the beat picked up, the scene was changed to being in a car, and towards the end, the whole scene was a beach party as the song came to a climax.

4.The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close-ups of the artist.

Many close-ups were shown, mainly of both artists lip-syncing. these clips were only short, but there were many.

5. there is frequently reference to notion of Looking. especially the voyeristic treatment of the female body.

Notion of looking is shown, but not as voyeuristic treatment. towards the end, its easy to notice that on the top section, almost every single extra was female.

6. there is often interetextual reference.

This can be found in the lyrics where they mention Madonna + many babies in the same sentance. as a punn.
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